What is OptiMystic Wellness?

OptiMystic Wellness is a collaborative effort to make the world a better place through radical love – for self, for the planet, and for one another. 

Founded by a group of women searching for community, OMW is built on a foundation of optimism, magic, and health and wellbeing. 

Who is OptiMystic Wellness?

Jordan Eck

Virgo Sun, Gemini Rising, Aquarius Moon

Jordan has been on a spiritual journey since her dad made her write a book report on The Four Agreements in third grade.

Always one to seek out new ways to take better care of herself, the planet, and others, Jordan attended a retreat at the Omega Institute back in 2017.  Little did she know, that nearly 3 years later, some of the women she met there would become the OptiMystic Wellness Collaborative.

After waking up with their names in her head, Jordan reached out to her beautiful friends mentioned below in order to create a collaborative community of spiritually-minded humans where various healing modalities could be accessed in one single space.  Jordan hopes that OptiMystic Wellness solves the struggle of having to spend massive amounts of money in a million different places in order to obtain any level of enlightenment.

Jordan is currently studying shamanism and herbalism, is a mother to her two beautiful daughters, Lilian and Josephine and a wife to her best friend, Jesse. They’re all happiest outside camping, hiking, and dreaming about their future farm.

Jenifer Edwards

Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Rising, Scorpio Moon

Astrologer, Artist, Reiki III Practitioner, Tarot & Plant Based Aesthetician

Jenifer Edwards is an Astrologer and Energy Medicine Practioner based out of Portland, Maine. She’s studied astrology for 30 years and is a born healer. Anything Aquarian and eccentric lights her up and makes her love light turn on. Jenifer owns Thank Goddess in South Portland, Maine and is the host of Star Medicine podcast. It is her hope to truly help individuals raise their consciousness to create a better world. 

She is a Momma to two Fur-miliars, Ginger and Baker. A cantankerous and adoring Tortoiseshell and a silly Siamese brother and sister combo.

When her head isn’t in the stars, she’s out barefoot in the herbs making infusions or traveling the ancient lands for wisdom to share.

Shaina Sakrison

Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Cancer Moon

Shaina is a light-filled Healer holding the vibration of Love at her center. She has a strong desire to help other women connect to their soul, embody their truth, wisdom, and live from their heart center of Love so that they can be their empowered selves in the world.

Shaina has a diverse background.  She is a Bodyworker trained in a number of healing modalities.  She also has training in Intuitive Studies and Shamanic Studies. 

Using all her wisdom and tools, she creates healing meditations, practices, courses, and workshops designed to help make changes at the root of the cause and to help others embody their power, wisdom, true essence, and nature.

Her passion is to help ignite the inner wisdom each woman has inside of themselves to bring them back home to their bodies and souls in a beautiful union of Love.