The OptiMystic Wellness Collaborative is here.

Welcome to the new approach to spiritual growth and sisterhood.

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Right now, we all need a safe space.

We all need to settle in and find that sweet spot of radical self-care and profound, transformative experiences.  

We all need someone to talk to, turn to, and share with. We all need community. 

Our goal is to provide everything you need for your spiritual growth in one place.

We want to share with you an opportunity to learn something new. We want you to step out of your comfort zone and right into a space where you feel like you belong.

Because you do.

You are welcome here. You are needed here.  We're here to hold space for you.  

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Each month, a portion of your membership cost will be donated to a different non-profit supporting women.
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OptiMystic Wellness is a virtual collaborative and sisterhood devoted to making the world a better place through radical love - for self, the planet, and one another. 
And we want you to be a founding sister.

Join now to get your first week free and lock in the discounted price of $44/mo or $444/yr for life.

Navigate and Align with a Monthly Astrological Forecast from Jenifer Edwards
Heal and Restore with Guided Meditations from Shaina Sakrison
Obtain Guidance from recommended tarot spreads, herbs, crystals, and rituals from Jordan Eck 
Find Support and Expansion in a Virtual Community of likeminded souls
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First of it's kind...

Founded by a group of women searching for community, OMW is built on a foundation of optimism, mysticism, health, and wellbeing.  

Join us as we dive deep every month into Astrology, Breathwork, Meditation, Community, and other Magic every Moon Cycle.